Is NHS an "academic distinctions or honors"? and "national"level?

<p>Is NHS an "academic distinctions or honors"? and "national"level? thanks.</p>

<p>I'm not sure, but I put it as an extracurricular activity because mine is sort of a club that you get inducted into based on your grades and number of volunteer hours. After you get inducted, you help out with things around the school and tutor kids.</p>

<p>I put it down under Academics in that section.</p>

<p>I put it down as a distinction/honor, but for school level since criteria differs per school.</p>

<p>I think that there are two good reasons to put NHS as an academic distinction/honor.
1) Your club does embarassingly little. (You would have to put 1 hr/week, 3 weeks/year)
2) You ran out of room in extracurriculars.
Otherwise, it can go in extracurriculars. As for national or school level- I kinda feel like it's school level, but I think an adcom is going to call me up and tell me how stupid I am, because "national" is right in the name. So it's your pick :P</p>

<p>I think I read somewhere--maybe on these forums or on the CommApp website--that it is school level, even though, yes, it does have "national" in the name....</p>

<p>^ we ran this one around last year- since the central folks allow each hs to set their own rules, it's "hs." If you do have a lot of activities through it (legit things,) most reviewers won't mind seeing it in ECs.</p>