Is Notre Dame good at ME?

<p>Is University of Notre Dame good at Engineering, especially Mechanical Engineering? </p>


<p>USNEWS 2008 Engineering Ranking Compilation
Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)</p>

<li>Massachusetts Inst. of Technology 4.9</li>
<li>Stanford University (CA) 4.7</li>
<li>University of California–Berkeley * 4.7</li>
<li>California Institute of Technology 4.6</li>
<li>Georgia Institute of Technology * 4.5</li>
<li>U. of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign * 4.5</li>
<li>Cornell University (NY) 4.4</li>
<li>University of Michigan–Ann Arbor * 4.4</li>
<li>Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 4.2</li>
<li>Purdue Univ.–West Lafayette (IN)* 4.2</li>
<li>University of Texas–Austin * 4.2</li>
<li>Princeton University (NJ) 4.1</li>
<li>Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison * 4.0</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins University (MD) 3.9</li>
<li>Northwestern University (IL) 3.9</li>
<li>Virginia Tech * 3.9</li>
<li>Pennsylvania State U.–University Park * 3.8</li>
<li>Rice University (TX) 3.8</li>
<li>Texas A&M Univ.–College Station * 3.8</li>
<li>Columbia University (NY) 3.7</li>
<li>Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (NY) 3.7</li>
<li>Univ. of California–Los Angeles * 3.7</li>
<li>Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities * 3.7</li>
<li>University of Washington * 3.7</li>
<li>Duke University (NC) 3.6</li>
<li>Ohio State University–Columbus * 3.6</li>
<li>Univ. of California–San Diego * 3.6</li>
<li>Univ. of Maryland–College Park * 3.6</li>
<li>North Carolina State U.–Raleigh * 3.5</li>
<li>University of Florida * 3.5</li>
<li>University of Pennsylvania 3.5</li>
<li>Univ. of Southern California 3.5</li>
<li>Harvard University (MA) 3.4</li>
<li>University of California–Davis * 3.4</li>
<li>University of Colorado–Boulder * 3.4</li>
<li>University of Virginia * 3.4</li>
<li>Arizona State University * 3.3</li>
<li>Case Western Reserve Univ. (OH) 3.3</li>
<li>Iowa State University * 3.3</li>
<li>Lehigh University (PA) 3.3</li>
<li>Univ. of California–Santa Barbara * 3.3</li>
<li>Yale University (CT) 3.3</li>
<li>Brown University (RI) 3.2</li>
<li>Michigan State University * 3.2</li>
<li>University of Notre Dame (IN) 3.2</li>
<li>Vanderbilt University (TN) 3.2</li>
<li>Washington University in St. Louis 3.2</li>
<li>Dartmouth College (NH) 3.1</li>
<li>Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick (NJ)* 3.1</li>
<li>University of Arizona * 3.1</li>
<li>University of California–Irvine * 3.1</li>
<li>Colorado School of Mines * 3.0</li>
<li>University of Delaware * 3.0</li>
<li>Univ. of Massachusetts–Amherst * 3.0</li>
<li>University of Missouri–Rolla * 3.0</li>
<li>University of Pittsburgh * 3.0</li>
<li>Auburn University (AL)* 2.9</li>
<li>Boston University 2.9</li>
<li>Clemson University (SC)* 2.9</li>
<li>Colorado State University * 2.9</li>
<li>Drexel University (PA) 2.9</li>
<li>Illinois Institute of Technology 2.9</li>
<li>Northeastern University (MA) 2.9</li>
<li>Tufts University (MA) 2.9</li>
<li>University at Buffalo–SUNY * 2.9</li>
<li>University of Illinois–Chicago * 2.9</li>
<li>University of Iowa * 2.9</li>
<li>University of Tennessee * 2.9</li>
<li>Worcester Polytechnic Inst. (MA) 2.9</li>
<li>Kansas State University * 2.8</li>
<li>Michigan Technological University * 2.8</li>
<li>Rochester Inst. of Technology (NY) 2.8</li>
<li>SUNY–Stony Brook * 2.8</li>
<li>University of Utah * 2.8</li>
<li>Washington State University * 2.8</li>
<li>Oregon State University * 2.7</li>
<li>Polytechnic University (NY) 2.7</li>
<li>Syracuse University (NY) 2.7</li>
<li>University of Cincinnati * 2.7</li>
<li>University of Connecticut * 2.7</li>
<li>University of Kansas * 2.7</li>
<li>U. of North Carolina–Charlotte * 2.7</li>
<li>University of Oklahoma * 2.7</li>
<li>University of Rochester (NY) 2.7</li>
<li>Clarkson University (NY) 2.6</li>
<li>New Jersey Inst. of Technology * 2.6</li>
<li>Oklahoma State University * 2.6</li>
<li>Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ) 2.6</li>
<li>Texas Tech University * 2.6</li>
<li>Univ. of Nebraska–Lincoln * 2.6</li>
<li>University of New Mexico * 2.6</li>
<li>Brigham Young Univ.–Provo (UT) 2.5</li>
<li>George Washington University (DC) 2.5</li>
<li>Louisiana State U.–Baton Rouge * 2.5</li>
<li>University of Alabama * 2.5</li>
<li>Univ. of California–Riverside * 2.5</li>
<li>University of Houston * 2.5</li>
<li>University of Kentucky * 2.5</li>
<li>Univ. of Missouri–Columbia * 2.5</li>

<p>I think there are more job offers than students, or something along those lines.</p>

<p>The actual EG program isn't highly rated, but in the end it's still a Notre Dame degree, with the same alumni network.</p>

<p>That's my understanding at least.</p>

<p>Of course I've read such a rating list. I want to know something more than that.</p>

<p>Alumni network is an important point. However, I prefer the college which can offer substantial courses of ME.</p>

<p>If you will go to the College of Engineering website for ND, you may be able to obtain a better feel for ME.</p>

<p>Well there is a ME major. You only take a general Intro to Engineering class freshmen year, but obviously the ME major will require substantial courses in ME. There are still general course requirements, so you will have a somewhat more rounded education.</p>

<p>Beyond that, I don't know much about the major specifically. I do know that there is a senior design project for all MEs.</p>

<p>Has Notre Dame made any great contribution to mechanical industry, such as an automobile and aeroplane design? I see something related to automobiles on the official website, but I cannot find further information.</p>

<p>Try going to the AME home page and at the bottom you will find a link that indicates AME history. That link will bring up a book published by two of the professors that provide insight into the AME contributions by Notre Dame. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>A Notre Dame degree will take you far, no doubt. But when compared to powerhouses Stanford, Berkeley, Michigan, VT, A&M, etc., it isn't as well-known or established in the engineering dept. ND is primarily a humanities-based school (yes, I know about the Jordan Hall of science, but its main mission always has been, and probably always will be, to educated students in the humanities). Therefore, they have top ranked English, Poli Sci, etc. programs. But their science majors are still growing and trying to gain notoriety. Because of this, it is hard to compete with major research schools, who are getting massive grants from the Govt., Boeing, Ford, etc.</p>

<p>who cares...its notre dame...a degree from which is highly respected everwhere. </p>

<p>We will ne'er forget her
And will cheer her ever
Loyal to Notre Dame.</p>

<p>The new engineering building will boost those ratings. All the people I know in EG have great internships even after only 4 semesters at Notre Dame. Companies like P&G and GE love the students.</p>

<p>I've read the pdf document. It seems that AME department of ND does more in aero areas. However, I'm more interested in automobiles.</p>