Is ODU respected in Engineering?

I was considering applying to ODU as a transfer for Spring 2022. My only concern is that ODU isn’t really known and because of this I am afraid that the name will hurt my chances in my career. I plan on majoring in Computer Engineering! I really want to go to a school well known and has a great career outlook for me. I was hesitant but applied anyways and am waiting to hear back. For anyone who went there or is familiar with the engineering program. Did it hurt you? Did it help you? How is the education? Pros? Cons? Any regrets? How is the alumni network? Thank you!

How about Virginia Tech? Do you had good grades in college?

In any case, ODU is ABET accredited I believe , and jobs are are available in your field. Get some internships and keep your grades up and you’ll have options. I’d attend the best school you can go to that fits your academic and financial needs.

@LeastComplicated I am still working on my Essay to Virginia Tech. I haven’t officially applied yet. I just submitted my fafsa so idk yet about the finances. My personal goal is to go wherever I won’t be in debt. So far I got accepted to Ohio State, MSOE, FIU, and about 4 other schools. I just looked at the ABET website and yes ODU is accredited. Hopefully! I have been super worried with the job market because of where I get my degree but who knows. Perfect! Thanks for the advice! Does GPA matter that much after graduation?

Good move. Debt can really delay wealth accumulation. That said, ODU’s program is smallish. They offer 5 ABET accredited degrees whereas VT offers 15.

YES! You can get a job with a low GPA, but MANY companies cut applicants at 3.0, some at 3.5 and a few as high as 3.7. So, can you get a job? Yes. The lower your GPA, the more limited you’ll be though.


@eyemgh Absolutely! I obviously want to go to a great school but let’s say that FIU or ODU gives me the best financial wise then I’d go there. Even though idk how it would effect me. I am a non traditional student who is transferring and have no debt in school. I plan on keeping it that way!
I am majoring in Computer Engineering which is offered at FIU, VT, and ODU.

Oh wow! I thought GPA only really mattered for your first job. I know that you have to have a 3.0 GPA for that. Wow really? Why does GPA matter so much? I would think that experience or knowledge is more important. I want a very good secure, high paying, and career related job.

That’s all I was speaking of, but your first job does set the tone for both experience and the strength of your network going forward.

Stay out of debt, master the material, and ultimately that’ll hopefully result in good grades. You’ll be far better off with mastery and a lower GPA than you will be if you dodge professors, just to get the easier grading ones.

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BTW, at 2 years out, there’s only about $6k difference in the median Comp E grad salary of ODU grads ($72K) and VT grads ($78K). Cost the same, I’d choose VT. Any substantial debt, ODU. Good luck!

P.S. Data from College Scorecard and it is not self reported. It is data from students that received either federal grants or federally guaranteed aid.


@eyemgh oh okay that makes sense then. I have past experience where I did IT Infrastructure for my state so I guess that helps. I have to maintain a certain GPA since I want to go to grad school later on.

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind for sure. Well for the class I guess it depends what you dodge. If its some arts class then sure but if it is actually related to ones field then one should really master. I plan on doing co-ops and such while in school if I can. I also am considering my work schedule while in college.

@eyemgh wow really? That is not as bad as I thought that it would be. I would 1000% pick VT over ODU if I get accepted. Like I said sadly I’ll have to observe the cost of each school. I am also nervous to even move out of my city (even though I hate this city lol). There is a lot of factors and I also need to start looking into scholarship. What about the median difference for FIU?

For the college scorecard I was confused at first. I thought those were the salary outcome haha. I’ll try and for sure check out that scorecard.