Is only two clubs in school okay?

I have been developing my ecs, and was going to join mock trial. However, there is little to no chance of me advancing to a leadership position, and the team isn’t very good so I won’t get awards. The time commitment is upwards of 3 hours a week. I already do debate and MUN, where I have a good chance of awards/leadership positions. I have a nonprofit that relates to my current clubs, and will have multiple political and legal internships come applications. Will being a participant help with apps? Will only being involved in 2 clubs in school hurt my chances?

“I already do debate and MUN”
“I have a nonprofit”
“will have multiple … internships”

That is plenty. This is a case where the longest list of ECs does not win. The moderate list of ECs that are done very well wins.

Being involved in only 2 clubs is fine. I do not think that you should make any effort to lengthen your list of ECs. Do the ones that you want to do, and to them well.

2 clubs for 2-4 years is great. Leadership you say… Don’t you help out the Freshman or anyone else?Isn’t that leadership qualities?

Colleges are looking for leadership, NOT “leader positions”.

The also don’t just want leaders. They want people who are good at pulling their weight in a team, people who know where an extra bit of help is needed, people who are always willing to lend a helping hand, the person on the team who sees where there is an a potential issue which needs addressing, the editor, the person who always knows everybody, the person who is the “glue” of a social circle. A class full of leaders, even real leaders, is a recipe for disaster.

Moreover, “demonstrating leadership” does not mean the same as “being a leader”. The first one to volunteer, the person who reaches out to the new kid, etc. They aren’t always leaders, but they demonstrate leadership.

Well, are you still thinking T25?

Some of what you’ve done looks good. But fretting over whether or not you get a “leader title” or award hints you may not have a full idea of what it really takes. And remember, they like commitment, depth, and breadth.