Is Political Science and Finanace a good dual major?

<p>Hello, I was pondering on the fact of what my major might be. I have asked many people who have gone through both systems and one of the best solutions that I can come up iwith is to do a Political Science and Finance major to broaden my career paths. I ultimately would like to do law, particularly business law but then again that may change. As far as college selection is concerned I am in search of a reputable school that contains this criteria of having a decent poli. sci. program as well as a decent Finance program. I am located in the state of VA, so I would preffer to stay in state, or atleast on the east coast. If you know of any Colleges and/or Universities that are good for this then please feel free to make any suggestions. Keep in mind though my stats which are, GPA: 2.9 with my SAT scores being around 1750. I appreciate all of your time. Thank You.</p>

<p>That's exactly what i want to do except i might do Economics except of finance and i'm only a sophmore so i have a little more time</p>

<p>econ poly sci and finance all go together but they are a dime a dozen</p>

<p>I appreciate the feedback so far, yet it would help me a lot if I could get some schools that offer these oppurtunities. Thank You.</p>