Is prep school worth an extra year of high school?

<p>About a month ago, I was forced to move to a different state halfway through the second semester of my junior year. All of the credits that I had almost completed were completely lost, and it was too late in the year to enroll in the only school in my city, so I'm doing the district's online school (which is a joke). I know this is going to look awful to colleges, but I have a possible solution.</p>

<p>There is an International Baccalaureate college prep boarding/day school one city away that would let me attend if I enroll as a junior. That would mean an extra year of high school and ~$40,000 (without FA), but I think it'd help my situation a lot.
Do you think it's worth it to get an IB diploma if it means being in high school till 19 years old?</p>

<p>Do it. 10 char</p>

<p>agreed. do it.</p>

<p>If your family is rich, and you want to, why not.
but I wouldn't make your parents take out loans/ refinance the house or whatever to pay for it.</p>

<p>i'd agree with piedpilko. if you can't afford it, then i wouldn't pursue it, but if you have the means i'd definitely go ahead. </p>

<p>"I know this is going to look awful to colleges, but I have a possible solution."
it's obviously not an ideal situation but it's also not the end of the world, i'm sure colleges have seen situations like this many times before. as long as you keep your grades up (i doubt colleges know about the rigor, or lack thereof, of your online school) and your extracurriculars consistent, i don't think you're at <em>too</em> much of a disadvantage.</p>

<p>Things would be tight for a while, but it'd be possible.
@DiveAlive-I know colleges can't check the rigor of the courses, but my transcript goes from "American Lit Honors, Precalc Honors, physics honors, us history honors, advance instrumental studies honors, world jazz studies, and modern music technology" to "English 11 and Govt/Econ".</p>

<p>IB is a great curriculum and you sound like the type of student that would benefit. There is much more to a prep school than just the courses/transcripts - as I am certain you are aware. Your entire high school experience will change based upon the students who are your peers, the sports teams and extracurriculars in which you participate- etc. and don't forget the college counseling. Repeating a year - polishing that transcript and your 'resume' could make a big difference with regard to your college options.</p>

<p>It isn't unusual for a student to take 5 years to complete college and from a parent's perspective, I'd rather my student spend an extra year in high school - get focused/polished/have fun - and be able to have a more clear direction in their choice of and success in college.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>