Is Presidential Scholarship selective or is it what they call any aid to make it sound good?

Just curious.

My reason for asking is that there is a Dinner With The Deans on the Friday of accepted students’ weekend. I want to know if it’s worth building into the trip or will D be one out of 400

@byadg123 I chuckled at the candor of this. We’re in the same boat. I have no inside information but I would venture that it is both to a degree. See link below. The Presidential Scholarship is the highest level of merit offered by Marist but I have no idea whether 5% or 50% of accepted students receive it.

Wild guess, I would not expect the Dinner with the Deans thing to be an intimate affair - but it could certainly be nice anyway.

@Saint68 Probably bailing on dinner to do Overnight on Sunday. Just got the invite.


@byadg123 Probably not doing Dinner with Deans. We will probably do final visits at times other than Accepted Students days so that we avoid the salesmanship and get to see schools as they normally are.

@Saint68 Smart. They always make sure everything is super-good for parent functions. We’re coming from NC so the Overnight program will be our only chance and I figure that she’s more likely to get insider info from kids. We can compare notes if you’d like.

Speaking of comparing notes, I recently read that off campus housing for years 3&4 is a much bigger problem than they make it sound, especially if budget is an issue. Also, a lot of classes are taught by adjuncts which keeps costs down. I’m sure a sample class will be taught by Prof Superstar.

@saint68 Any impressions? I was underwhelmed until we met the Honors guy. The Presidents Scholarship makes you a finalist for the Honors Program. D sent him a “pick me” email and he did.