Is Purdue as easy to get into as some say?

<p>I have heard from a multitude of people that Purdue is often quite easy to get into. Is there truth to this, and does it apply to the engineering program?</p>

<p>I mean looking at their common data set, the most recent one had ~78% acceptance rate for males, 610 and 660 for the 75th percentile of reading and math respectively, and a pretty generous spread as far as GPA's are concerned. </p>

<p>It just comes as a surprise to me because their engineering program is highly ranked, yet they seem to accept people pretty leniently. This comes of interest to me personally because, well, frankly I didn't do much in high school. With that being said, my stats aren't terribly bad, but not what they should be. I have about a 3.2GPA (4.0 scale), 610 reading and math on the SAT's, and pretty much all the honors and AP courses I could take.</p>

<p>Wanting to major in electrical engineering, Purdue has caught my eye because it appears I may actually have a shot of acceptance here, unlike say CMU or the like.</p>

<p>So I guess what I'm asking is this; Is Purdue really this lenient with acceptances, specifically for their engineering program? Do they try to "weed" people out by making the actual curriculum tougher (or something along those lines)? Finally, do I have a shot of acceptance? </p>

<p>In advance I thank each of you for taking time to answer any one, or combination, of my questions.</p>


<p>You are correct. Purdue is very lenient with acceptance rates for a few reasons in my opinion. First off, let me tell you that you should not be fooled by the acceptance rate. Many people who get accepted and start off freshman year do not graduate from Purdue. And I mean MANY! Almost everyone I knew in engineering freshman year transferred out or failed out by junior year. Same thing goes with a few other schools such as management, pharmacy etc. Therefore, even though it's easy to get in, it's hard as heck to graduate. Therefore, you might want to consider that before spending 30Gs a year out of state or like 15k in state because you might as well plan on being on a five a six year plan right now.</p>

<p>I got rejected with a 4.0 weighted, 3 AP's, 3 honors, 380v, and 720m. It must be my verbal score.... There is really no other explanation. I applied pretty early in October (don't know if it matters). This was all last year, and I'm all over it. I don't think I would have went anyway.</p>

<p>First of all, thank you both for the responses.</p>

<p>That was the assumption that I had made, msl2008, so thank you for confirming that.</p>

<p>Would I be able to get into purdue if i have a 3.83 unweighted gpa and weighted is 4.11. And i have an 520 on reading 550 in math and 450 in writing. Would i have a decent chance of getting in. And i am out of state , from pennsylvania</p>

<p>First off, don’t bump old threads.
Second, improve the SAT and you will probably get into any school save engineering.</p>

<p>Is it easier or harder for an international student to get into Purdue?

<p>Will my being an international (india) student make any difference in application process with these stats ?</p>

<p>SAT I: 1810 (CR 520, W 600, M 690 )
SAT II : MII 790, Chem 680, phy 690
TOEFL : 100
HS record : all are above 3.5 GPA (90% above)
: Class rank top 10%
ECs : Not good…
Essay : I don’t know, but it must be Okay kind of</p>

<p>Your scores are fine; you will probably get accepted.</p>

<p>@danoc93 Yep! I am accepted in Electrical and Computer engineering at Purdue. EXCITED!!!</p>

Congratulations on being admitted! Hope to see you on campus sometime.
As for the rest, we are indeed an extremely well respected school, especially in Engineering. I was a very strong applicant to Purdue, went into a double major of [Nuclear] Engineering and Physics, and ended up Codo’ing to the tech department after the first semester. Now, for me, it was to focus on Cyberlaw and a new business of mine, because I plan to go to law school in a few years, but I would say about 80%, maybe more, transfer/codo/otherwise leave the engineering program in the first year. It isn’t so much that the work is hard, there’s just a lot of it, crafted to discourage all but the hardest working, most committed students. Notice I didn’t say the most talented: in the first year, talent is a lot less important than skill at working the system. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though: it is a ton of fun and a lot easier after the first year, especially for those naturally good at engineering. Just make sure you are committed to engineering, not social stuff, and you’ll survive the culling.</p>

<p>i am very much interested in this university and would like to know that would i’ll be able to make it or not.
i have got a score 1650 on my SAT and my percentage in school academics is 60%.
i would like to do engineering and scholarship doesn’t bother me much.</p>

<p>I got a 590 CR, 640M and 650W. Normally I get 680M but I ran out of time during the test to answer every question. Anyway, what are my chances? I’m from Oregon, so naturally I’d want to go in state but none of my universities have an aerospace engineering program so I’m forced to look out of state. </p>

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<p>Those SAT scores are adequate if your other stats are good. Purdue is easily top 5 in the country for aero engineering. A bit down the page here ( <a href=“”></a> ) they have some basic stats for just the engineering college. See how you compare. </p>

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