Is Questbridge a help?

<p>Facts: Economic disadvantaged senior qualifies for Questbridge assistance (helps match top tier colleges to high achievers with low income) Class rank: #1 (class size:300)
ACT: 32 (takes SAT Oct) GPA:4.0 Extracurricular: Numerous, officer positions held all 4 years. Race: White male ....First generation college student...Work 20-25 hours a week (family finances require it) No AP/IB classes...given opportunity to attend local community college (9th grade) for academic challenge and exposure....(70 credit hours (4.0GPA) Understand might forfeit all hours...Attending any college depends on scholarships and financial aid (grants..doubt if loans would be approved)
Goals: Double major: Chemistry/Physics... Graduate: PhD./MD track...(need undergrad college to help open path to med. school..practice MCAT score: 28)
Is Questbridge a sure way to college? (requires binding early decision) Is a top tier college realistic for me to consider with my background and lack of support? Would I fit in or would it be social hell? Should I 'settle' with a safe bet college close to home? (Texas)
Comments welcomed.</p>