Is Rieber Hall the best Residential Hall at UCLA?

<p>I'm just wondering if Rieber is the best Residential Hall to be living in (that's what I got), in terms of overall experience (Social life, facility quality, etc...). I know there is some new contruction going on, but I don't think that 2 years since rebuilding Rieber is going to make much of a difference.</p>


<p>I think so. Everything is very nice and bright here (unlike Sproul which is very dark for some reason). We have study rooms downstairs which are nice. Social life will honestly vary from floor to floor. Rieber is pretty central to everything. We'll have a new dining hall here in Fall serving Asian food, we have Rendezvous right next door, it's a short downhill walk to Covel and Bruin Cafe, and a short uphill walk to Hedrick and Sunset Rec (which has a swimming pool). The only thing it's kind of far from is De Neve, but I think it balances out. Hedrick is out of the way, and far from most things, Dykstra is a dump (and will be closed anyways), and Sproul has a nice location but I don't like the interior as much.</p>

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<p>I am not sure why. Once the URL is posted, it becomes broken. It is in college prow ler dot com then<br>

<p>ummmm... what?</p>

<p>you google "college prow ler UCLA housing ", then it will correct your spelling, then click the first one...</p>

<p>Cool , thank you :)</p>

<p>nah IMO dykstra will, and always will be, the best hall. The layout of the rooms, with doors facing each other, easily makes it the most social residential building. there are 900+ students in the building and one lounge per floor, making it easy to meet people. even the horrible quality of the hall itself builds "comradeship" among students. its also closest to campus and my favorite dining hall de neve. shame its closing next year for renovation though (about time).</p>

<p>Way to ruin the moment Gatos... :P lol, I do agree that Dykstra would probably be the best residential hall if it wasn't so damn old.</p>

<p>*** dykstra is a dump and is closed?? hahahahaha, then I guess my two roommates and I will have a hell of a time! :))</p>

<p>is rieber too far up the hill?
and will it be noisy on the south side because of construction?</p>

<p>If Rieber's too far up the hill for you, you chose the wrong school.</p>

<p>As for the noise, it shouldn't be too bad. I'm in Vista which is further from the construction than Rieber Hall, but I can still hear some construction when the windows are open and there's traffic going by throughout the day. When the windows are shut though, there's really not much sound at all. The construction also doesn't go on at night, so it shouldn't really interrupt sleep.</p>

<p>ohhh niceee. i got a triple at rieber. any thoughts?
and the dining hall is set to finish by winter quarter, yes?</p>

<p>technically it was supposed to be finished 3 months ago...</p>

<p>Yeah, UCLA construction projects never finish when they're supposed to. The Reagan Hospital was completed like 6 years late. Pauley Pavilion was supposed to reopen on Wooden's 100th birthday - they basically hadn't even started by then.</p>

<p>dammit, someone said hedrick hall out of the way. just how out of the way is it exactly?</p>

<p>it is apparently a 30 mins walk to campus :S</p>

<p>Who the hell told you that. It take me like 20 minutes to wall to the absolute furthest edge of campus from Rieber and Hedrick's only like 2 more minutes up the hill. It'll probably take like 18 minutes on average to get to class.</p>

<p>actually they aren't closing down dykstra next year. they are gonna be moving people halfway through the year i believe into holly and gardenia which will be the two new housing options by deneve</p>

<p>it was in the daily bruin</p>