Is RPI possible for me?

So I’m a current junior, I have plenty of time before applications- so I’m not going to do a full chance me. However, how much of a chance would I have of getting into RPI with a 3.4UW/3.8W? My math grades used to not be bad, but they are significantly better than what they were (now a B+). Science has always been strong. I’m considering going into business/social science (I know RPI is a tech school, but I really like the feel, I’ve been there). However, with a 3.4 and a strong point in world studies/English, but not in math, what are my chances for RPI?

^and also maybe RIT or WPI

**31 ACT FYI

If you’re a junior, you have time to get your ACT and SAT up, and that’s what I’d focus on. Not to question your search process, but you listed 3 tech schools, meanwhile you said your grades are better in the humanities. Liberal Arts colleges/bigger schools will care more about that distribution of grades and test scores, respectively. If you’re at a 31, you can definitely get into that 33/1480+ range, and with some hard work and determination you may be able to see a 1500. RPI, RIT, and WPI are all schools that heavily value strong STEM grades, therefore you may be better off shifting your focus especially if standardized tests don’t improve that much. My advice to you is to crush it in your junior year and 1st semester of senior year, study hard and take plenty of practice tests for your SAT/ACT, and develop some strong EC’s. If next fall rolls around and you’re still set on RPI, start to consider applying ED. Good luck!

I think your chances are good, and I would not discourage you from attending a techy school at all. The business world is increasingly tech driven. My daughter graduated from RPI with a nontechnical degree (STS), and she has consistently stood out to employers and in her graduate program because she has a strong sense of stats and knows how to work with technical people. As for your school choices, ensure that you understand the differences between all of the programs. RIT requires coops and is a 5-year program. WPI has short quarter-based learning and 2 large projects. RPI has the Arch.