Is selling plasma safe?

<p>Selling blood here in the US at a legitimate blood center is safe as far as the technical aspects go. As safe as donating, I would say. However, many of these cash for plasma centers have unsavory folks in there. They could also be in borderline areas.</p>

<p>I know a young man who went to sell blood and was upset at how he was treated there. He was used to all the love and happiness one gets when donating. It doesn't work that way at a lot of these center where they pay. Where he went, they tested his blood first, and then he had to stay in a holding room to eliminate the possibility of someone "shooting up" or doing something else between the time of the test and the extraction. There were some outright bums in the room and some scary characters. I believe he got a big $25 and it took him several hours not to mention the time it took to get to an out of the way place.</p>

<p>Not all donated plasma is infused into patients. I used to be a blood banker but that was back in the dark ages. </p>

<p>During a routine volunteer donation, the donor's blood is separated into packed red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. That screened, donated plasma is used for plasma transfusion.</p>

<p>The plasma collected at plasma centers is also used to make things like control samples for calibrating laboratory equipment, gamma globulin, and Rhogam, which is given to Rh negative pregnant women.</p>

<p>A friend and I donated plasma in college once. We finished later than expected and missed the bus back to campus. It was a mile or so back and we walked. When we got into line in the cafeteria (and had stopped walking), we BOTH passed out cold. It created quite a stir.</p>