Is SJSU a good school?

Hi I am an oss and I was wondering if I should apply to sjsu would you guys recommend it?

What are you looking for in a college? Intended major?
Can you pay full fees since SJSU does not offer financial to OOS students?

Hi I am planning to major in Communication disorders/linguistics to become a speech therapist

Yes, San Jose States Communication Disorder major program is considered good but is it affordable? You are looking at Graduate school so as a parent, I would want my student to keep Undergrad costs low and affordable since Graduate will be an additional cost.

SJSU is in the heart of the city. The campus is nice but some areas around the campus are questionable. The campus is heavily commuter so only Freshman live on campus. Also the cost of living is high in the area if living off campus.

I suggest you do a virtual tour of any campus of interest. Also noticed you are interested in San Diego State, again a high cost of living area.

Why the Cal states if you are OOS?

Its a fine school but, OOS tuition is pretty absurd. So are rents near campus.

What are your stats and what interests you about the school?