Is Smith still accepting transfer apps?

<p>Hi! to be more specific, is Smith still accepting transfer apps from international students outside of the U.S.? Financial Aid needed btw.</p>

<p>I tried to contact the Admissions Office many times, but no one ever responds to my e-mails.... Thanks!</p>

<p>bump.............anyone please?</p>

<p>Smith</a> College: Transfer Requirements & Deadlines</p>

<p>I found this note on the page:
"International students who seek financial aid may apply for September admission only and must submit all admission and financial aid materials by February 1."</p>

<p>The admissions office will probably respond to emails now that the decisions are out and they have a little more breathing room. Though it says that the deadline for transfers is Feb. 1st, on another thread some transfer applicants reported that the deadline is really rolling, they just prefer to get it by Feb. 1st. I would look for that thread.</p>

Do you mean they've made decisions on transfer applications already?</p>

<p>As for international students, I'm pretty sure the solid deadline is Feb. 1st for those who want to apply for finaids, confirmed by the person in office.</p>

<p>The regular decision deadline has passed, that's what i meant. It's very hard to get in contact with the office via email in the spring, due to the high volume of applications to be read and the large number of emails they get from students and parents about one thing or another. </p>

<p>In fact, the best way to reach the admissions office about matters of deadline is to call them directly. They know best.</p>