Is Soka University of America actually secular?

I got a good financial aid package from Soka and I like the size and location, but I read a lot of articles online saying that they were indoctrinating students to SGI (Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist sect) or were discriminating against non-SGI students. I also read it was a bit of a personality cult for its founder, Daisaku Ikeda. I couldn’t find any recent (within the last 5 years) articles about SGI at Soka so I was wondering if it’s changed at all.

Can any current or recent former students or staff members speak to what student life is like at Soka? Is there anything sketchy going on that you noticed? Did you ever feel pressured to join SGI? Were/are you hesitant for any reason to criticize the school and Ikeda? Did you feel your post graduate opportunities were limited because you weren’t part of SGI? Anything else you think a prospective student should know?

Yes, people are hesitant and yes it’s linked to sgi. Mostly its very small and it doesn’t have traditional majors. What are your goals after college?

Hoping to go to grad school

You need a college that will offer breadth and enough depth in your major.
What major are you considering? Grad school in what? What are your other choices?