Is spanish native considered a honor course?

<p>Ok so at my school the offered Spanish nonnative and native if I took native is that considered a honor course?
Oh and what does the A after spanish mean in my transcript?
Example- Spanish 3A</p>

<p>Honors classes would typically have that designation listed on the transcript.
You could look at your course catalog for additional clarification.</p>

<p>Foreign Language classes don't have honors. Well at least in the schools I've been too. The only difference about native and non native classes is the level of Spanish you start in. Spanish 1 SP (Spanish speakers-native) is equal to Spanish 2 non native. So colleges count Spanish 1 SP as 2 years but you still have to take Spanish SP until 2 or 3 level. Also the A in Spanish 1A means the semester. A is is the first semester and B is the second semester. So next semester your class title will change to Spanish 1B it's still the same class just it indicates that your continuing the classes into the second semester</p>