Is St. Bonaventure A Party College?

I have conflicting views. I know basketball is huge there, I watch them on A10 all the time, but this there really a big drinking and partying scene there? And im planning on studying accounting, is this a difficult major there, and are the teachers ready to help you?

Late response I know. But in short, the answer is yes. We are always looking for reasons to drink, and that’s not a bad thing, always having a good time. I’m an accounting major, and I’ll tell you what, it might be one of the most respected majors on campus. There’s a program that I’m in, allowing me to get my BA and MBA in 5 years, and then be immediately eligible to sit for the CPA exam, which is a big deal. I think the number was something like 98% of Bonaventure accounting majors have job offers before graduation. There is a lot of money coming in from accounting alumni specifically to fund accounting programs. I think the CEO of Citibank just donated a few more million this past year, so the program is very strong.

It’s a party school. Not everyone parties, but most do.
Accounting is a great program there. They prepare you well and the professors are very helpful.