Is St John's university a good college?

St John’s is my top choice. I would like to clarify that I am not religious and money is not an issue, I am just really drawn to the campus as well as the fact that I’m half Greek among others reasons. I would like to go down the medical school path however apart from the opinions of a few graduates I don’t know how good of a college it is. How would it compare to NYU for example? What about professors, dorms, quality education? Would I be able to pursue a top medical university provided that my grades are stellar? Thank you.

St. John’s (457th in the analysis below) seems to attract students comparable academically to those who might also be qualified for a major SUNY such as Albany (#467). To be fair, though, NYU (#60) generally keeps different company. Nonetheless, you should expect overlap in program quality and student preparation across any two good schools.