is Stanford a party school?

<p>Do students party a lot on weekends, drink a lot and get back to dorm at 3 am in the morning? or people sleep early and have a healthy schedule even on weekends?</p>

<p>Stanford does not protect students from being arrested and dragged off to the county jail if found drunk on or off campus, especially underage. So anyone doing what you are suggesting is doing it at their own risk.</p>

<p>A combination of both.</p>

<p>Is Stanford a “party school”? No, because that’s not the first, second, or third reason why your average, social student will pick the school. With that said, students party, some more than others, and some a lot more than others. </p>

<p>Most frat/house parties on campus end around 1, so most after parties end around 2 or so. Of course, there are exceptions. Special dinners (a themed feast with an endless supply of booze) end around 9, and it’s not uncommon for people to go to sleep when those end. I can’t speak for Greek mixers, because I’m GDI. </p>

<p>Re freshmen year, most party-goers get back around 1:30 to 2. The party will shut down around 1, then there may be some mingling afterwards and very likely a trip to the burger joint on campus before heading back to the dorm. </p>

<p>There are generally parties Wednesday through Saturday, although in dead and finals week these die down to an extent. Most people don’t go out every night. Some don’t go out at all. Some go every night.</p>


You have to be pretty damn drunk or pretty damn stupid to be arrested simply for partying</p>

<p>“You have to be pretty damn drunk or pretty damn stupid to be arrested simply for partying”</p>

<p>Of course. Your provosts tell us parents they will let you get arrested if you misbehave and we have to believe them.</p>


I wouldn’t call Stanford a “party school”, but some students do their share of partying. For a short time I was on the crew team at Stanford, which had early morning practices. The bus left for practice at 6AM, so I’d usually get up at 5:30 or so. Every now and then, I’d wake up to find the tail end of a party still going in the common area of the dorm. There were 2 roommates within the dorm who held an informal party in their room most evenings. At the other extreme, there a were a few people who almost never attended parties, like myself. My roommate practically had to drag me to some of the major campus events, such as the mausoleum party. Most fell somewhere between these extremes and attended some parties, while still focusing on academics.</p>

<p>A list of Stanford parties is at [Stanford</a> Daily | Top five campus parties](<a href=“]Stanford”> and the page at [url=&lt;a href=“]Ch”&gt;]Ch</a> 2?Cardinal Culture » The Unofficial Guide to Stanford ? Online<img src=“not%20certain%20of%20accuracy” alt="/url"></p>

<p>Data…our K2 is like you…not really into partying or drinking (even in high school)…maybe some of it has to do with K2’s young age (probably is one of the youngest in freshman class)…but, still enjoys the company of others who enjoy passionate extracurricular activities on campus…</p>

<p>…it’s good to have K2 home for the entire Thanksgiving week…</p>

<p>…and I agree with texaspg…the provost and deans regularly warn the parents and the students about underage drinking or overdrinking and the possible serious consequences/ramifications that may take place…</p>

<p>Depends. There’s a good portion of people that do, and a good portion of people who don’t. Most of the parties aren’t on weeknights (except for more chill events like EBF and Wine & Cheese and smaller frat parties, etc). Essentially, you aren’t going to find 100% of people being drunk or 100% of people having a healthy weekend either way.</p>



<p>True. But I haven’t heard of anyone being arrested and dragged off yet. So far I’ve seen people handcuffed, cited, then unhandcuffed.</p>


I’ve seen it once and heard about it four or five times. The sucker I saw was “just” vomiting in public then BAM- drunk in public and booked in San Jose. </p>

<p>Also regarding weeknight parties, don’t forget about senior nights, which are on Thursdays. Some juniors go.</p>

<p>Stanford Police (aka SCCS) have been known to drive a drunk kid back to the dorm. </p>

<p>Stanford has a lot of varieties of dorms from coed rooms to …</p>

<p>Smart kids let off steam just like everybody else.</p>

<p>"I’ve seen it once and heard about it four or five times. The sucker I saw was “just” vomiting in public then BAM- drunk in public and booked in San Jose. "</p>

<p>Let’s try not to be judgmental… good kids who don’t know how much they could drink might get to embarrass themselves.</p>

<p>I am a non-drinker and I didn’t know how much I could tolerate. Once in a conference my colleagues asked me to have ‘just a little’ and I gave in. With less than a quarter glass of White Zinfandel I started to feel dizzy and saw black shadow in front of my eyes, then sweated and vomited unexpectedly… things happens. I hope Stanford police are understanding enough that they don’t handcuff someone who didn’t go violent or distrub anything.</p>



<p>The only people I have seen get handcuffed were underage students walking around with open beer cans. Not a very smart thing to do.</p>

<p>I would rather have Stanford police scare the **it out of certain overindulging students (especially to teach them a life-style altering habit)…than to have a phone call in the middle of the night about your child having been found unconscious or dead in the dorm/frat/sorority…</p>

<p>…and I hear about these horrific incidents happening on other campuses over the years…
[Dying</a> for a Drink | News | The Harvard Crimson](<a href=“]Dying”></p>

<p>Teach kids before they go on campus. Relying on police is probably too late. </p>

<p>I think college students need to be aware of the terrible incidents you mentioned in above post. I also think universities should announce in new student orientation every year on limiting or ban hazing on frat/sorority that went overboard. Students usually take University authority specifically announced policies more seriously.</p>


What!? How was I being judgmental? The guy was my friend, a squared away dude who happened to go too hard one night. And I was ****ed at the cops, because he wasn’t being a disturbance and we were ready to bring him back inside and take care of him. He was feet away from private property.</p>

<p>^ It is very nice of you to help your friend!</p>

<p>I remember skinny dipping with dorm at Stanford swimming pool and SPD kicking us out and telling us “we had better not be ther when he came back at 2 am”</p>