Is stanford good for animation?

<p>I want to work at an animation studio after college. Does stanford prepare you well for such a career?</p>

<p>R u ****ing kidding me?</p>


<p>U go to college confidential to find this out?</p>

<p>You are not Stanford material. I am sorry. It is not you, well actually it is. Stanford is for the best.</p>

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<p>I’m unaware of a computer animation program at Stanford, although I’d imagine you could cobble various classes together to mimic something like that.</p>

<p>You might want to look at USC.</p>

<p>Wow, OP, these guys have posted really harsh replies. I’m in the same boat as you though. I’m applying to Stanford but want to work in the film industry after college. From what I’ve found, Stanford’s film program is pretty recent (last 7 years). They do have internships and the sort, but it’s not what they’re known for. I don’t think they have an animation program.</p>

<p>If animation is the only thing you want to focus on, I would also recommend looking at USC. (I’m applying there too.)</p>

<p>If you get into USC’s film department, going to Stanford would probably be much less of a boost to a career in film. That being said, a number of graduates have become successful filmmakers. And THAT being said, you really should be doing your own research- though asking online IS a step up from just not knowing at all, so props for that- but all of this information is already available online.</p>

<p>haginrainbow - Don’t worry about it. I’ve already been through Stanford’s course listings and the most they had with regards to animation was a intro course and a few other basic courses; the demo reels were nothing Ringling material. I posted here in case there was a current Stanford student interested in animation who can shed some light, because though studios like Pixar do recruit there, I suspect they are looking for potential technical directors rather than actual character animators. </p>

<p>myusername4menow - I was considering USC but didn’t like the large size of the undergrad population. Anyway, even if I decided to apply the deadline has passed for fall entry next year. Fate didn’t have it in store for me. :slight_smile: Are you applying to Stanford? If so maybe we’ll both end up there!</p>

<p>Yes, in fact I’ve already applied to both Stanford and USC. If I get into Stanford though, there’s really no question about where I’d go. The only reason I say this is because I’m also interested in science, not just film, and Stanford is a more well-rounded school. Plus, if I went to USC for film (if I get in), I would be a “small fish in a big pond” whereas at Stanford I would be a “big fish in a small pond”</p>

<p>Weird. My cousin’s friend went to Chapman over USC for film for that exact same reason… even used the same expressions saying, "I went to USC for film I would be a “small fish in a big pond” whereas at Chapman I would be a “big fish in a small pond”</p>

<p>He is doing fairly well now as an independent film-maker, but you can make success anywhere, and you’ll make more contacts at USC. W/e, both schools are great.</p>

<p>Well, got rejected from Stanford. My family thought I was kidding when I told them.
So looks like I won’t end up there OP, but I wish you the best of luck. Maybe we’ll meet in Hollywood one day ;)</p>

<p>Thought I’d update you in case there was the slightest chance anyone was wondering, I got into USC film and am a scholarship candidate, so everything works out in the end! Good luck to you OP.</p>

<p>Congratulations on getting into the SC film school.</p>