Is summer session worth it

<p>I really want to go to summer session but im concerned about how much it'll cost . Right now , after aid , it'll cost something like 2300 in loans for the summer .
Like I really don't want to spend all that money , but I also don't want to just hang out for 3 months from June to September .</p>

<p>If I skip summer school I'll have somthing like 900$ in savings to last me the whole summer( I have to give the fam like 400$ of this , so thats like 500 / 3 - per month ) . I'm not all that interested in working this summer, its stupid hard to find a job . Like in the last 4 months i've gotten one job interview, with the boss asking me repeatedly if i had experience that I didn't( could of asked me over the phone people)</p>

<p>Any tips on this.</p>

<p>Only do it if you really need to take summer. If you can finish your degree without summer then do that.</p>

<p>Cost-wise summer is about the same as regular school quarters. It cost about 4k a quarter. People usually take 3-4 classes a quarter. Taking 4 classes in the summer is about 4k. People usually have the misconception that summer is expensive when it really is not. Plus summer has some benefits, like open registration, smaller classes, and length of class.</p>

<p>in your situation it sounds like it would be worth it to NOT take summer classes.</p>

<p>I forgot a MAJOR detail .
Right now I going to probably get a no pass in one my 5 unit classes, putting me at 55 units.
My UC said this would be fine, it would just make me a sophomore( other wise Id just go to CSUN, I have 12 CSU only units ) this fall.
I want to do summer so I can start my upper division course work as soon as fall starts. Otherwise I'm sure I'll fall be behind and not graduate in 2 years( I kinda wana do my last year abroad, so getting my major requirements done ASAP is a big deal . )</p>

<p>I'm taking summer courses, but between classes, living on campus and books I'm dropping around $7,500 out of my own pocket. Yeehaw!</p>

<p>@iTransfer: Summer sessions are pretty expensive for incoming students when you factor in getting no financial aid.</p>

<p>I wasn't aware summer session isn't covered for financial aid, is this due to us not technically being students until Fall or is it a policy for existing students too?</p>

<p>In other words, will summer between our Junior and Senior years be covered?</p>

<p>It's more like... the financial aid you receive via grants loans etc isn't available until towards the end of the summer usually (before Fall). By all means can you use extra money to help pay for summer session next year. If you need financial aid for Summer, some schools require you to fill out a request that will help you get money sooner or give you additional money. It all depends on your school and your particular financial circumstance. At least, I believe this is how it works.</p>

<p>summer isn't covered under the standard financial aid you receive. You can apply for summer financial aid (you used to be able to apply for a separate Pell Grant in the summer, but I believe that was stripped out of the most recent federal budget) but it generally doesn't cover as much. </p>

<p>As incoming students, we're not eligible for UC financial aid this summer. We will be next summer.</p>

<p>@Grimes... actually some schools offer summer financial aid for incoming students (ex. UCR)</p>

<p>@killmyentourage: Correct, I should have been more specific when I said "UC" financial aid. I meant FAFSA/Cal Grant/Pell Grant. Schools may very well have their own grants setup.</p>

<p>Well for me its not really an option to sit it out if I want to graduate in 2 years. Alot of students come in with 60 units and still have trouble graduating in 2 years . Anyway, thanks everybody.</p>

<p>@Grimes99 I'm an incoming student to UCLA this fall, and I qualified for a Pell Summer grant. The more you know.</p>

<p>If you qualified for aid in the 10-11 year as well as the 11-12, you will get the same amount of aid adjusted to summer credits. Summer fee grant directly from the UC as well as apx. 1/4 of your total 10-11 pell grant. Honestly, i personally couldnt have afforded NOT to go to summer session seeing as it will be my only income til fall. This does not, however, cover books and living expenses like it will in the fall. And unless the government reverses it, summer pell is officially dead beginning summer 2012. </p>

<p>Unfortunately, all of that is moot if you're paying out of pocket. You could check into taking prereq's in the summer at a nearby CC, online, or concurrently with uni in the fall. Otherwise you either have enough money to do it or you don't. If paying for summer is not going to directly put a cramp in your studying abroad plans, I would say take a subsidized loan and do it. You'll either be paying an extra 3 grand in the long run and get to carry out your academic plans on time, or be behind and still end up in so much debt that you wouldn't have noticed another 3 grand anyway.</p>

<p>I would have done summer session at Davis to take care of some English major pre-reqs, unfortunately the timing isn't right. However, I DO plan on taking summer classes after spring 2012. I think in a scenario like mine it'd be good to do summer session, but if you absolutely don't have to then just enjoy your summer:D</p>

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