Is SUNY Binghamton worth OOS Tuition

I am planning on majoring in business probably either accounting or finance. I know Bing has a good b school and I want to know if it is worth OOS tuition, for context my IS option is URI. (also I am unlikely to get any significant financial aid or merit from Bing. Also I heard something about students being applicable for scholarships ounce they get on campus and I am Curious how that works.

Are you a junior?
If so what are your stats and where your parents’ budget?

SUNY schools are known to have good OOS rates. It becomes a matter of what your other options are and what is affordable to your family.

Our senior accepted at SUNY Binghamton for this Fall, as an out of state student. She was given 5K per year merit, which for Binghamton isn’t too shabby.

One of the reasons we applied to SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Buffalo (who offered us 10K in merit per year) is because SUNY schools, on average, are 10K per year less expensive than comparative state schools.

For example: Umass, Uconn, UDel, Penn State are all around 35K out of state tuition per year. UVM is a whopping 40K tuition. SUNY Binghamton is $23,710. Clearly a lot less expensive. U BUffalo with the 10K merit would have been cheaper for us than in-state UConn.

Binghamton also has a bit of an issue recruiting out of state kids compared to all of the other state schools. Binghamton is 6% out of state students, with another 8% international. So 86% of the students are from New York. Buffalo is even more so, at 2% out of state. By comparison, UMass is almost 20% out of state, Uconn is 22%. So SUNY schools are willing to award out of state kids more so than in-state applicants.

Thank you for responding! I doubt I will get much aid because my weighted GPA looks like it will be a mid 3.7 by the end of my first senior semester, is it still a good deal with no scholarships or aid?

My daughter had a 3.5 weighted GPA and was given the 5K per year award. She had a 1300 SAT. Nothing crazy on the ECs either, but she did take AP and honors classes, as well as some ECE UConn classes. As with any state school that has trouble luring in out of state kids, admission chances (and merit) art typically better for out of state.

As an example, she was declined from UConn (our in state school), but accepted to 8 other state flagships, and they all offered money to help offset OOS costs.

It sounds like URI is about 27-28K per year, in state, with room and board and fees. This is very similar to UConn for us here in CT. We were offered 5K per year at BU, which puts our out of pocket total around 36-37K per year. Without knocking URI too much - we know families who are happy there - it’s just not nearly as good of a school as BInghamton, Uconn or Umass. Niche grades all of those as an A, and URI is a B, and this is largely based on academics. I also knew friends who went there, and the school was known as being a major party school, but not known for much else. The dorms were dismal and depressing. That was just my take.

Having said that, in the end, it’s really about the student. I personally went to a lower ranked college (Keene State), and with a lot of hard work and ambition have done very well. I decided to double major, and really get the most out of my tuition and time. I know others who went to top schools and floundered around in life. You can do absolutely fine going to URI, but BU is a much better school. Obviously your finances are a big ingredient here, and so is your own feelings on when you visit both.

Binghamton is a good deal if the difference in price is comfortably affordable by your family.

My stats are SAT:1280, 690M 590R&W, (I plan to retake and I was not able to study prior to the SAT because of my schedule so i think it will be higher on my retake) and I project myself to have a 3.7 ish GPA by the end of my first senior semester. Budget: I think my parents will contribute $5000 a year and I would like to walk away with less than 80k in loans PS. I am living either at home or with family to pay down my debt asap. I am unlikely to get any significant need based aid maybe $500 and I do plan to try to become and RA and I am considering graduating early.

Your estimate of URI cost would be correct if I was staying on campus but I live 7 minutes from campus. One concern I do have is the new parking system where I would have to drive 20 min from my house in the opposite direction and park my car and wait for the URI parking shuttle and probably drive for 30 ish minutes from the lot to campus so almost 50 min all together.

It depends upon what you and your family can comfortably afford. I know kids from here, NY , who have gone to URI. One, in particular, has done very well. Went to Cornell after graduating. Loved it there. I think family paid full freight for URI. I know another that went to UNH and paid full price.

They could comfortably afford to pay for that differential between an OOS vs instate school. They could afford to pay room and board.

So, yes, if your family can afford to pay the difference , and you like a SUNY program or the school in general better, go on ahead, go for it. Apply, and see if you get an award. As others here are saying, these schools are awarding merit money to bridge the OOS gap.

That you are comparing the cost of URI as a commuter to SUNY as an OOS boarder is puzzling. Is it the going away part that is interesting you? Can you board at URI? Are your parents insisting you commute if you go to URI? Are you looking for a way to get sleep away privileges?

If your family budget says URI commuter, then that’s what you have to spend. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get enough grants to pay for your room and board at a SUNY. In fact, many native NYers have a tough time with the room and board. We are great in subsidizing the tuition for many, but you commute. Limited money for the sleep away experience, if any