Is SUNY UB a good business school?

<p>I have been attending my local community college and have a decent gpa in business courses of 3.6 and i plan on brining it up with a few incoming A's to something resembling a 3.7. I was just wondering if going to UB for personal finance/accounting is worth it? I thought UB was a good school but I have been reading all this stuff about target schools and am not sure if UB is good enough? If someone has suggestions on a better school that would accept transfers from a community college with my gpa then any advice is appreciated.</p>

<p>and if anyone else can suggest other good business schools you can transfer to with a GPA of 3.7 from a community college that would be cool as well.</p>

<p>CUNY Baruch has a good business school, and it is not expensive as well</p>

<p>Baruch, as mentioned is known for its business. If it is Bing you are talking about, it is a great school especially for business</p>

<p>Their engineering school is better.</p>

<p>Your humor is just fantastic, whistleblower.</p>