Is Sweet Briar College a good school for a Grad student?

I graduate in May and I am considering applying for their M.A. Teaching program for theatre. Is there any onw who could tell me a little about the school or the program?


I am currently a graduate student in Sweet Briars M.A.T. Program student elementary education. I’d love to answer any questions you have about either Sweet Briar as a school in general or specifically about the program.

Overall the school itself is a beautiful woman’s college located in Amherst, VA. The academics are outstanding and the population of students and professors even more amazing! We have a black box theatre on campus that performs plays regularly in the fall and spring.

The M.A.T. Program is rather small right now which means you get lots of one on one attention. While I was intimidated by this at first it’s actually been on of the best experiences ever! I’ve been able to travel to conferences to learn from teachers all over, as well as dig deep into aspects of education your passionate about, such as theatre. During the year program you’ll also have a chance to research your own teaching practices so you’ll be certain to come out the best teacher you can possibly be!

Please reach out if you have any questions :slight_smile: