Is taking 5 classes in one day too much?

<p>Hi guys. If I have 3 engineering class, 1 english, and 1 elective class in one day, would it really suck?
Anyone taken 5 classes a day and how is it, would you get really sleepy?</p>


<p>5 classes in one day is not a big deal, but if you have that schedule monday thru friday then you might find it to be tiresome and annoying. But if you only have it a few days a week, like M-W-F or something, then it's not too bad.</p>

<p>I have this schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I have only 1 class MWF.
I was just worried i get too tired and don't learn well since they are all upper level engineering classes.</p>

<p>How long are the classes? 1 and a half hour lectures?</p>

<p>It's possible, but it's better to space it out if you can. Can you move one of them to M/W/F? I had four classes on Tuesdays and the same with a lab tacked on on Thursdays, and Thursdays were really rough. I made it through though.</p>

<p>Depends, are they all back to back with barely any breaks? I currently have my T/Th with four upper division civil classes from 9-4:30pm straight. Between all the classes is a 10 minute break. But my M/W are only two classes, so my week is kind of balanced. Anyways if you have five classes spread out with decent breaks, then it should be no problem...exhausting but manageable.</p>

<p>Gonna pack a few sandwiches for my T/Th...</p>

<p>They are all 1 hour 15 min classes.
1 structures class, 1 environmental, 1 land development, 1 english, and 1 really easy elective.
I get 15 min break in between. So basically from 9 30 to 5</p>

<p>just try to have them all in the morning. if your classes are in the evening like past 4 or 5 you will regret it. cause even if you start class at 11 am, you'll feel like its a long day cause we are used to going home for supper at 5!</p>