Is taking Calculus AB and AP Stats Senior Year too weak for schools like Wharton?

For context, I couldn’t take Calc BC in HS due to my family and I moving from a foreign country, although my school does offer it. Given my inability to take Calculus BC, will taking Calculus AB and AP Stats together during senior year be enough to make me competitive for top business schools, math wise? I took Honors Algebra 2/Precalculus my jr year.

It’s fine

Fair enough. Does “fine” mean that I’m competitive, or does fine mean “ehhh we’ll let it pass but you better make up for this deficiency in other areas”? Or somewhere in between (I’m proficient)? As always, total honesty is appreciated :slight_smile: Also, assume all A’s in math up to and including ap calc ab and ap stats.


There is. no expectation that applicants have calc BC and most admitted students do not. In terms of being comptitive, too litlle info is given. Penn evaluates holistically. So calc BC or beyond will not make up for weaknesses in the application. On the flip side, an otherwise strong applicant won’t. be autorejected fir not having calculus. But in general, competitive applicants will have some form of calculus.

I would say your best bet is to have your circumstances explained to some degree by your counselor in their academic report that they have to fill out. No school is going to throw out an app because you didn’t take BC. You are taking the hardest courses you can, and I am sure Penn will recognize that. Good luck!

I have a question that is kind of related to this one. My school does offer AP Calculus BC, and I am on track to take it my senior year. However, my score on the AP Calculus AB exam makes me think that taking BC may not be the best idea. Will Penn notice if I opt out of taking BC and penalize me for it? My actual grade in AB was fine, so I’m not worried on that front.

First, it’s considered rude to hijack another person’s thread. Start a new thread in the future.

Second , your AP score should not deter you. Penn is not looking for risk adverse students. If needed, review past BC exams and use online resources to prep for the exam. The calc AP exams use very similar questions each year.

@fintech0901 Good idea! How should I go about telling my guidance counselor that I moved from a foreign country in 8th grade, so I was academically limited in high school, in a non-random, out of context sort of way? Do guidance counselors usually ask students if there is anything important they should know before filling out the student’s academic report? If it helps you, I have told my GC that I’m applying to competitive schools like ND and NU.

Happy to help! Some schools have you fill out what is known as a brag sheet so they can learn more about you or some sort of questionnaire, other schools will have appointments with you to discuss your college progress at which point you can mention this. Don’t pester them about it though: they fill out so many academic reports they have probably gotten the hang of it and understand what to mention and what not to.