Is taking one AP class junior year a mistake?

For starters, my sophomore year I took 2 AP classes (AP Biology and AP European History). During that year I just learned that an advanced history class was not for me, the subject itself did not interest me. On the other hand, AP Biology was more interesting and I actually enjoyed it so I wanted to pursue that pathway. If it weren’t for the pandemic I would have enrolled in AP Chemistry this year but my counselor advised that an AP class might not be the best at least under these circumstances of online learning so I just went with regular Physics. Additionally, senior year I plan to take AP Chemistry and AP Statistics. But I just feel like my junior year is not good enough, I feel like I am not taking enough AP classes.

This is my schedule as of now:
-AP Spanish Language
-Pre-cal/ Trigonometry
-English 11
-Advanced Guitar
-US History
-Music 100 (college class I am taking finish up my general education)

So if anyone has any advice or input on the matter it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Is one AP enough for what? We don’t have any idea what sorts of colleges you want to apply to.

Well I really would like to attend UC Davis or Brandeis University since I want to pursue the science pathway. In the future I want to try to become a chemist.

For UC Davis, HS course rigor is very important so if your schedule is less rigorous than your fellow students, that will have an impact on your chances.

UC’s use 14 areas of criteria (minus test scores currently) in their application review and each campus may put more emphasis on some areas vs. others, but GPA and HS rigor are very important for all the campuses.

Does your school offer Honors Physics which is usually a UC approved Honors course that gets extra weighting in the UC GPA calculation?

@Gumbymom Unfortunately no, my school does not offer Honors Physics but they do offer AP Physics. Thank you, for your information it is very much appreciated!