Is the ability to text important when attending college...?

<p>All you college students and Parents of college students… </p>

<p>Is the ability to text important when attending college…?</p>

<p>lol what?
are you asking if you can survive in college without a texting plan?
if so yes… although texts are useful a lot of the time</p>

It’s really a hassle to call one’s roommate for petty matters, such as buying some soda…</p>

<p>Definitely convenient, but like many of our conveniences, probably not worth it.</p>

<p>it’s not like high school where you’ll see your friends/peers every day at regular times. Texting was even useful in high school. In college it’s super helpful. It was all but required for my job too.</p>


Why not?</p>

<p>Just some more background for my question. The cell phones my family uses have never had texting or internet… that’s right… zero texting or internet… all services are turned off except for the phone.</p>

<p>Hence, why I asked the question. I heard that Professors prefer to communicate thru text messages… does anyone know if that is true…?</p>

<p>I thought email would be the instrument of choice.</p>

<p>Yeah I’ve only communicated with professors through email, though I’ve never worked for one as, say, a research assistant. If you don’t plan on having friends or acquaintances, then no texting will be fine, at least until you get a job.</p>

<p>just remember that most schools have their emergency responses set up to alert students by text now. So it could be considered a safety issue if you do not have texting. This is not just for campus shooters and lock down, but weather like tornadoes, other building closures, and community dangers as well. This generation is very text savvy. They rarely use email, or the phone, for that matter. Makes communication easier, and quicker. Unlimited texting has gotten pretty cheap on most plans. Its the internet/email that is REALLY expensive.</p>

<p>YES!!! It’s very important. I don’t know what I’d have done without it.</p>

<p>Everyone’s class schedules are all different so it’s very useful to text because you can’t be calling people all the time. Chances are they’re in class and they’ll be annoyed at you if you call them. If you can’t text people you’re probably going to be eating alone in the DC…</p>

<p>As for what senior0991 said, " If you don’t plan on having friends or acquaintances, then no texting will be fine, at least until you get a job.", the no friends or acquaintances part is very true, but the job part isn’t. Most jobs don’t actually require you to text because texting is often viewed as unprofessional.</p>

<p>Thanks for the insight… I’ve added texting.</p>