Is The Acceptance Rate Higher Than I Think It Is?

<p>I was just looking on the Princeton reviews website, and noticed that the acceptance rate is 80% is this just for in-state? If its combined in-state and out of state, then does anyone know what just the in-state acceptance rate is? I would assume that it would be higher -- not that it can get much higher than 80% ;).</p>

<p>Acceptance numbers deceive. Truth is, you need a far higher GPA and SAT at UCSC than most colleges in the country, take a look at US News Reports, UCSC is in top 80 nationwide or so. All the 80% means is that most students who apply are qualified to attend. Although, yes UCSC accepts a good number of students, it does not mean it is easy to get into. I think the 80% counts for everyone, not just instate, but I could be wrong.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that the vast majority of UC applicants are UC eligible, so they have the minimum number of courses, UC GPA, and SAT scores to apply. An acceptance rate of 80% of UC eligible applicants isn't bad, compared to every other school that gets thousands of applications from students who have little chance of acceptance.</p>

<p>Yeah, the UC eligibility thing weeds out alot of applicants and funnels them toward CCCs and CSUs.</p>