Is the antcipated "BIG" wave still actually coming out?

<p>I dunno...because of the continuous trickle of acceptances over the past week...and with the 3/28 wave rapidly approaching...I'm starting to wonder that the 3/28 wave might in fact be rejections..</p>

<p>any thoughts?</p>

<p>well someone here mentioned that he spoke to an admssions officer and he said that rejection will be sent out only after april 1st. But i dunno different people are saying different things.
Although I still beleive there are several hundred (maybe more than a thousand? )acceptances still left.</p>

<p>And they said some people got them in late April too.</p>

<p>i'm going to go believe your answer because it makes me feel a lot better!! thanks!!! haha</p>

<p>All i know is that im not assuming anything until i recieve the letter from USC -be it a rejection or acceptance</p>

<p>Have you gotten in anywhere else lynn??</p>

<p>I got into NYU...but that's all i've heard from...
It's wierd that I only got one uni i can't say i've gotten rejected from anywhere YET. still waiting on USC, Umich, BU and miami</p>

<p>aj16 did you get in anywhere else?</p>

<p>I'm in at Penn State and UIUC. Rejected from Duke and NYU Stern ( totally expected) . Still waiting on everywhere else.
Ah well even if i dont get in here i'll go to UIUC.
I just wanna go here so bad!</p>

<p>what is UIUC????</p>

<p>University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne</p>

<p>oooohhh okie</p>

<p>aj, i'm in the exact same situation as you man</p>

<p>My D is in the same boat as you guys - will probably go to UIUC if she does not get USC (though she is waiting for a few more schools to respond). </p>

<p>Did you guys visit UIUC? Understand that it is extremely rural -- which is a concern since we are from a large urban area. We will be visiting next month.</p>

<p>I got into NYU and the University of Dallas.</p>

<p>If you look at the results thread for the 2011 class, there were many rejections and very few acceptances in late March, early April.</p>

<p>Yeah but thats cuz USC sent out acceptances in large numbers every single week last year. This year they've sent out just two waves this month.
One of the adcoms actually said that around half the acceptances are still left to be sent out. It's probably less than that but i still think there are several more accerptanes still coming our way.</p>

<p>Judging by the official decisions 2008 thread, it does not look like there have been that many decisions yet: two earlier waves, and then a trickle of specialized schools. It looks like most of the decisions are about to be mailed out, like they have been saying, this Friday(?). The waiting has been very hard, but hang in there.</p>

<p>yea your right JW Wuller there like a 80% chance that if you have not been accepted yet then you are most likely denied. : (</p>

<p>whew...thank God someone seconded my opinion. ( mpebbles not Rem)
I know that absolutely no one here in Mumbai city has got a decision since the 2/29 wave. And beleive me the elite schools here are MASSIVE feeders to top ranked schools in the US.
USC for one has a nasty reputation here of being a big-fat saftey school with like of Boston University and UIUC. Almost everyone iv asked said id basically walk-in to USC. I'm sure its not like that but people look at me with such a weird expression when i say that USC is my top choice and Im worried i wont get in.
And then i log on to CC and everything changes. At one point i was so scared i wont get in anywhere good i actually ran to bathroom and puked my dinner out. lol</p>

<p>i got mine today.. it was dated march 25th</p>