is tHe AP US History test as easy as the princton review?

<p>I have a REALLY good APUSH teacher... i mean he is really good... anyways he says the APUSH test is hard... well i have the princenton review test book for APUSH and it is childsplay compared to the "AP" prep tests we take in class ... i mean i can get almost every question right... while in the class i usually get 70-80% right (but he curves tests) and thats after hard core studying !</p>

<p>so is the princeton review book to easy?</p>

<p>As a general rule of thumb for most topics, PR will be too easy, Barron's will be too hard. I don't know for APUSH exactly as I will not be taking it.</p>

<p>I always heard that princeton review was just about right...Kaplan is too easy, and yes, barron's is too hard...anyway, I'm not sure about this particular book.</p>


<p>Princeton review/ REA = usually easier than actual test
Sparknotes = something like the actual test
Barrons = Way harder than actual test</p>