Is the April Overnight worth going to?

<p>The first weekend is the week after my spring break, and I'd have to take a plane by myself and back if I wanted to go. My family was planning on just going over Spring Break, so I was wondering if anyone who's gone before could tell me if it's worth the money and make-up school work?</p>

<p>Like, can you not sit in classes on a regular overnight? And do they happen to give out a bunch of freebies? (:</p>

<p>Hi Jenny! I hope current students can chime in about the social aspects of attending an April Overnight day, as they are quite fun, but if it would make your travel plans messy to visit on an official day, you are certainly welcome to visit classes and to stay overnight with a current student if you do not visit on an official “April Overnight” day. We have many students who visit outside of official April Programs because their spring breaks do not coincide with either session, and are happy to welcome you to campus whenever you can visit!</p>

<p>In my opinion, coming on an official visit day is not very important at all. I never did, and everything was fine.
Especially if it interferes with your travel time. There’s not really anything special over April Overnights that you can’t do regularly.</p>