Is the CSS profile ready for Fall 2011 on CB site?

<p>It says that the application is ready for 2010-2011. I assume we need to see 2011-2012. Right></p>

<p>That's confusing.</p>

<p>For Fall 2011 entry into college you will need:</p>

<p>*2011-2012 CSS/Profile *- It will be available in early October, 2010. You will have to use estimates if you fill it out that early - generally students applying ED are the only ones who need to submit it before January of the application year.</p>

<p>*2011-2012 FAFSA *- Availble January 1st, 2011. </p>

<p>Most financial aid deadlines for those two forms are late January or Early February, so if at all possible plan to have your 2010 taxes done by then. Otherwise you have to submit the forms with estimates and correct them later (lots of people correct them later - it isn't a problem, just one more thing to worry about).</p>