Is the deadline the 2nd or 3rd?

<p>On Cornell's website it says the deadline is the third, but when filling out the commonapp, it asks to pick ED or RD where it says has a January 2nd deadline. Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>I’m wondering the same. Sending my stuff out tomorrow though to be safe.</p>

<p>On naviance it says 1/2 so I would plan on having it done as early as possible</p>

<p>okay, so i’ll probably just send it on the 2nd to be safe even though the extra day would’ve been nice. thanks.</p>

<p>Since there is no mail service Saturday due to the holiday, some colleges extended their deadline. Going to need it!</p>

<p>January 3rd is the deadline.</p>

<p>Consider me just very stressed but, you guys think it will be okay to submit the third?</p>

<p>Cornell website states Jan 3rd as the deadline.</p>

<p>yeah, submitting on the third would be okay. I looked into it some more and the deadline is indeed the 3rd.</p>

<p>Cornell’s website says by the third. Which in my book means before 12:00 AM on Jan 3. Or Jan 2 is the effective deadline, at least that’s when I’m submitting</p>

<p>Hmm so is the deadline 2nd/ 3rd? I feel that i need more time to edit my essay… it’ll be great if its Jan 3rd</p>

<p>I know where you guys are coming from. </p>

<p>The drop down from the supplement menu right? That hasn’t been updated from last year. Click “print preview” and you will see it has been adjusted to January 3rd</p>

<p>The deadline is January 3rd and I’m not one bit worried that I haven’t submitted my supplement yet.</p>

<p>yeah I also haven’t submitted it</p>

<p>Been working all night on it. Probably not good for my health, but these essays have gotten pretty damn refined.</p>