Is the engine ready

You thought it would be ready today. Unless the link is staring at me, I can’t see it. Is the link right in front of me, or is it still in process?

Today was mostly a re-arraigning situation. The functionality is the same, but it’s easier to use:

(This is

We have more updates planned this quarter to integrate the school search with the forums. We also have plans for tracking specific schools so that you can follow the discussions. But, yes, this is a work in process.

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I’ll check it out, and let you know what I think. :smile:

It’s TERRIBLE! You can’t add majors! You can’t filter for campus housing. It didn’t filter out 2-year schools. One suggestions I had, which you were all for, weren’t implemented. It’s basically useless!

I don’t see campus housing options, but the search does let you filter for 4-year schools with specific majors. For instance, here’s 4-year schools in the west with computer science majors.

Trial and error got it to work, BUT choices got CONSTANTLY unpicked! And the majors are too general.

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It turns out there is some work being done on this today and searches sometimes have been failing. Thanks for testing and sorry for getting your hopes up too soon.

Hopefully you work out the kinks before I need to look at schools more earnestly. I was hoping you were going to just update data and reupload. Hopefully you’re planning on the engine being as good as the one you took down.

I just tried again. Used feedback from forums, and got fairly different results. And it STILL unpicks stuff. You also need WAY MORE choices for EC’s AND majors!

STILL having issues with losing selected criteria!