Is the full ride at Alabama State U automatic or competitive?

It’s listed here which makes me think it’s automatic but in a book that lists automatic and competitive full rides/or tuitions in the US, it’s competitive. The website doesn’t confirm it either way, so can someone who has received it or knows someone who did please tell me which one it is. Thank you!!!

(I apologize for my impatience but…)

It looks automatic. If you aren’t convinced call and ask.

Okay. That’s probably the wisest of solutions. Thank you.

Look at the words on the site name: Automatic Full Tuition.

@“Erin’s Dad” Yes, I know. That’s why I thought it was automatic but the book is updated every year where as I don’t know when the site was created/updated. So, I didn’t know if the scholarship was now competitive.

OP, when in doubt go to the school’s website. :slight_smile:

nm, wrong school’s info

The scholarships are still automatic as far as I can tell. It says “A student with…will receive…” .
However, I don’t believe UA offers a “full ride”, their highest award includes tuition, ONE year of on-campus housing and some other smaller amounts.

@StressingMom No, not UA. It’s ASU. But thank you.

Oh, sorry, read it wrong !
Yeah, it looks like Alabama State’s scholarships are competitive:
“Each application is carefully reviewed and scholarships are competitively awarded based on outstanding academic achievement and standardized test scores (ACT or SAT). Admission applications are reviewed for scholarship consideration on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

@StressingMom Thank you!

I wonder if the competitive wording is a recent change. Regardless, the bar isn’t very high to be considered so it’s still not a bad idea to apply.