Is the Honors Programs Worth It?

I got accepted into the University of New Haven, and a few days later I got another email offering me to apply for their Honors Program. I was wondering is this program would be worth it? Do you have to take harder classes? Are their benefits and do they outweigh the costs?

Did you look at the description of the honors program on the university website?

You would be able to participate in activities just for honors students, and live in honors housing if you like. You would also take four honors courses and complete an honors thesis, and you would get special honors at graduation. Another benefit is an annual $1,000 scholarship and opportunity for other scholarships.

Do those benefits “outweight the costs?” I’m not sure what you mean about the costs.

My daughter is in an honors program at a different university, and the honors courses are great! They are either smaller classes of core subjects that other students take in huge classes, or special seminars on interesting topics. She enjoys the honors activities throughout the year. Honors students there also get access to special tutoring if needed, although I don’t know if that is a benefit at New Haven.

You could always drop out of the honors program if you didn’t like it for some reason, but it would be worth starting out in it to find out what it’s like. You would meet a lot of the other top students at the university.

I would just go to Uconn instead because the reputation of this school is not very good and I hate to say it but many of the locals and undergraduates at Yale sometimes make unpleasant comments that indirectly refer to it. If you go to Uconn you’re considered pretty smart…so that’s where I would put my footdown