Is the Johnston Center hard to get into? Also, ACT score report question?

<p>I'm really interested in going to the Johnston Center. I'm fairly certain that I will get into UoR without much issue, but how much more selective is the Johnston Center exactly? Does anyone have data on that?
And two more things:
How long does it take for UoR to get back to you after applying EA?
I'm under the impression that if I apply to UoR with the Johnston supplement, I can be accepted into UoR but not the Johnston program. When I go to send in my ACT scores, two options come up, one for Johnston College at UoR and one for UoR itself. Should I send in the Johnston one and be sure that the main campus will receive that score as well? For the SAT, only UoR pops up. So I should assume that that gets sent where it needs to go as well?</p>

<p>I guess this is a little off-topic, but if anyone has been to Redlands, I'm a bit of a quirky girl, I like video games and tabletop gaming, and I have a pretty funny and outgoing personality. Do you think I'd do alright socially? I'm a little terrified about this transition.</p>

<p>Thank you to anyone that can answer my questions, in whole or in part.</p>

<p>Hi, i know this is an old post, but hopefully i’m still able to help you. I’ve lived in Redlands for four years and have some friends who attend the university of Redlands, two of which are in the Johnston center, my mom teaches at the university although not in the Johnston center, and i’m applying to the Johnston center myself. I can’t answer your technical questions about the university, but i can assure you that as a quirky person who likes gaming you will fit right in with Johnston. They’re all very quirky people of varying identities, all very artistic and unique, really fun people to be around. Good luck with all your applications!</p>