is the mcgraw hill book easy?

<p>is the mcgraw hills book really easy, cause I took a practice test of it and got a 33 then took the sparknotes one and got a 30</p>

<p>I have heard that McGraw Hill is too easy and that Barron's is too hard. Try The Princeton Review; I have found that those questions are closer to the actual difficulty of the ACT.</p>

<p>ok that makes sense i am trying to get either the princeton review or the the red book but thanks for the info on the mcgraw hill thing</p>

<p>No problem. For just about any test out there, you can't go wrong with The Princeton Review.</p>

<p>McGraw Hill questions themselves are not easier its the scoring scale they give you. They have like an adjusted score number that makes scores more accurate in the 20's but puts them too high in the 30's. If you just don't factor in the adjustment number it is pretty accurate. I actually do better on the actual ACT than in that book and I'm at a 33 now.</p>

<p>hmm ok that actually bumps my writting score up good to know. I found the questions to be easier than those on the spark notes but I dont know which is really most accurate. I am getting the red book tommorow and the princeton cracking the act the next day so i should be alright</p>

<p>Good idea; PR will help you do well.</p>