Is the Oregon State University application open?

Hi, I am an up coming senior (class of 2019) and am in need of confirmation about the Oregon State application. Recently I started the WVU application and stumbled upon the OSU application. I was very curious and saw that the winter 2019 application was open. I was wondering if this is the right application for the class of 2019. So can someone please confirm if it is indeed open for me to start my application. Also, I noticed that it said winter instead of fall for the term, will this affect my application?

Winter 2019 would mean beginning in January 2019, or the second semester of the school year.

If this is prior to your HS completion, meaning that you will not graduate HS until May/June of 2019,
then you’ll want to complete the application(s) for Fall of 2019.


Ok thank you, I was about to start the winter 2019 application by accident

I would be curious when the Fall 2019 application is released. Anyone know?

@psssthoy Most likely on August 1. I wanted to double check as well since the WVU application is already open and WVU and OSU have the same application type (Rolling). So OSU’s application will most likely open on August 1, but if I were you, I would look at all of the colleges on your list and double check everything like their application start date, official document due date (transcripts, tests, etc.), and application due date.

@SpartanAzure Thank you for the tip.