Is the parking permit worth it?

<p>I'm an incoming freshman and I heard parking is pretty hectic at UCI. I'm going to be dorming, so I'm wondering if its worth it to pay 80 bucks every month to have a car when I'm dorming?</p>

<p>parking isn't that bad for the dorms, but i know it can get bad for the on-campus parking. idk if you know but for resident permits "You may park on campus in any OPEN lot (not a parking structure) in unmarked stalls or non-24 hour enforced AR stalls after 5 pm Monday - Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. " ( Student</a> Parking Permits )
where's your hometown? because sometimes i car is needed.. unless you know friends with cars. that's also the bad part about cars - you'll get used for rides and what not if people know you have a car. you'd use a car for like.. toiletries and little food snacks and the midnight food cravings (or you'd just walk to Jack in the Box). idk, if you can afford the $80 i'd suggest it, but i don't know if you're the type to use your car lots or something.</p>