Is the PSAT THAT Much Easier Than the SAT?

<p>My son is kind of shaken up, and I'm feeling like I've dropped the ball. He did not study for the SAT except for a few in-school classes. His selection Index for the PSAT was 217, and he's always in the 99th percentile at school on the ITBS. A straight-A student who does a lot of honors. I don't have an explanation now for why we didn't think it was necessary to study, but he got a very disappointing CR: 640, M: 590, WR: 640. Of course he will study and take it again in October, but if anyone has any wisdom for us, we'd appreciate it! Looking at other's scores, the trend seems that you go up from PSAT to SAT.</p>

<p>It's very odd that he dropped that much. Was he 'shaken up' during the test by anything? The PSAT is usually a good indicator of what you'll get on the SATS. In fact, like you said, most people go up.</p>

<p>No... One reason I was so surprised was that he came out of the test feeling like he did pretty well. He seemed strong going in, if a trifle nervous... I doubt there could have been a mistake in scoring. It's puzzling.</p>