Is the SAT II Math 2 really necessary?

<p>I've been stuck over whether to take the SAT II Math 2 or Biology.
I'd much prefer to take Biology, but I've heard from several people that (especially because I'm Korean) taking Math II would be "looked upon" as better by colleges than Biology :/</p>

<p>So the question is: is the Math 2 really that important/necessary?</p>

<p>(btw, the other two SAT IIs I'm going to take are Lit and World History)</p>

<p>No, math II is not necessary, unless the college requires it. Also, if you're going into a math heavy profession like engineering you should definitely take it even if the college you want to go to doesn't require it (math I is SAT math with more challenging problems, so I would recommend 2 if you take a math subject test to show you're capable of handling higher level math; math 2 also has a better curve than math 1).</p>

<p>But anyway, biology is perfectly fine. I also don't see why people would say it would look better if you took math II since you're Korean. Not to be stereotypical, but Asians (and I'm Indian, so I'm Asian too) tend to do well in math, so scoring well on a math subject test doesn't make you stand out a lot compared to many other Asians (not all Asians; once again, not trying to generalize).</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply Yamster :) I'm (almost certainly) not going into a math-related field. I was just worrying that it would look weird if I had Bio on the SAT II slot while all the other applicants from my country had Math 2, and I think the people who said this were thinking along the same lines.
Btw, I understand about the generalization thing - it's a sad reality that so many Asians are mathematically "talented". (well, sad for the ones that aren't, heh.)</p>

<p>What field are you going into?</p>

<p>If sciences, then Math II would look nice. But generally, you do want to diversify yourself and while Math IIC isn't necessary, it certainly helps if you do get a good score on it.</p>

<p>I was thinking the humanities, maybe writing/journalism.
So if I'd want to "diversify myself" either Bio or Math would be ok that what everyone's saying?</p>

<p>Pretty much. Just take the test that you feel more ready for. Or take both.</p>

<p>Right, thanks :)</p>