Is the University of Houston a good school?

I’m thinking of going to UofH. I have a gpa of 4.6 weighted. I am a high school sophomore, so I have time to worry about college. I live in Houston, Texas so I was wondering if it is a good idea to take advantage of Dual Credit courses such as US History and English, since that’s what my high school provides.

Background: I want to major in Computer Science. I know UofH isn’t famous for its compsci program, but if I stay in the city, I wouldn’t have to worry about housing, dorms, tuition (since it’s not that expensive anyway), and I have contacts that can get me a job related to my major. I also have an internship ready for my senoir year on high school.
UofH is not my first choice, I want to try and get into Rice, but UofH is a more realistic plan.

If I can get some personal feedback, I would very much appreciate it, as I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do.

I want to applaud you for your very smart choice. Living at home and commuting is very smart. Wishing you all the best. edit If D doesn’t get the merit we need, then living at home and attending Texas Tech is what she will do.

University of Houston is a wonderful school. I teach high school in Houston, and many students come back to tell me how much they love it. It seems to be growing in every area and was recently named as one of the most underrated colleges in the U.S. . You’ve worked out a great plan for yourself. With that kind of vision and drive, you’ll do well at any school.

Also- dual credit looks like a good path. Here’s a link-
Those courses will save you money down the road, which is always a good thing! Best of luck.

You’re definitely making a smart move by wanting to stay in the city!! I’m from Houston but will be moving to San Antonio in August for college, and after seeing how much college really costs, I’d definitely recommend saving as much money as possible. Also, being able to get a job relating to your major is awesome and will definitely help you with any future applications, whether it be for other jobs or even grad school. UH is a really good school and they’ve grown and improved a lot these past few years. Also!! You should definitely consider applying for the Honors College. It’s an amazing opportunity!! I’ve heard that UHs honors college is one of the top 10 honors colleges in the nation. Best of luck!! :slight_smile:

What’s your budget? The cost difference between Rice and UofH is huge.

I wouldn’t discount the idea of applying to other very good Texas colleges with “better” CS programs like UT-Austin, Texas A&M, and UT-Dallas.

IMO, a few things to consider. A) being around academics peers could be an important consideration b) living at home and commuting to college will give you a different experience than living on your own, having a roommate and greater independence. Getting a lastlimg “education” might be more than the actual degree after 4 years?

The good news is you have plenty of time to research colleges and make a list of the things that are most important to you in college.

UH is a good school. The only negative thing that I have ever heard is that some of the surrounding neighborhoods may not be safe - but this may be false information!

I applaud everything the University of Houston is doing to improve its ranking and making it a school with some actual campus life. From the great honors college, to new dorms, to even bringing football back to campus, the administration and board of regents appear to be working tirelessly to shed the “Cougar High” moniker. With it being harder and harder to gain admission to Texas A&M and the University of Texas at Austin, the citizens of Texas could use another “top-tier” university that would attract students from around the state (and country) and not just commuters from the Houston area. Hopefully, demand from top students will cause the school to become more like the University of Pittsburgh…a highly ranked, state university in a large, urban environment with access to great hospitals, internships, and large employers.