Is the writing program at Columbia or Barnard better?

Hello everyone! I’m an aspiring journalist, a current hs student. I was wondering if anyone knew if the writing program at Columbia University or Barnard College was stronger? My goal is to become a journalist at a big publication. Thank you!

I mean you can take classes, be involved with clubs, major (probably only if Barnard doesn’t offer the major) etc. at Columbia if you’re a Barnard student, b/c Barnard is an AFFILIATE of Columbia. I think you’re asking more about the difference/relationship between the two, and the following website provides a good explanation:

Both schools are pretty different in-terms of environment: Barnard’s a much, much smaller all-women school while Columbia’s a major research university, although both are basically next-door. Apply to Barnard if you want the feel of small LAC but the resources available at a top research university.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!