Is their anyway to transfer from UCR to UCSC

<p>Hi guys , I just transfered to UCR and I hate this place . The city is depressing and I seriously want to transfer out of here to anywhere else . I'm assuming the only UC that would take me is Santa Cruz , but if anyone has a suggestion on another possible UC i could go to I would be open to that( I would even pick a far lower ranked Cal State, but I don't think they'd let me transfer in all that many UC units)</p>

<p>wow how horrible?</p>

<p>You can transfer as a junior. Finish your GE requirements and finish the major requirements for the schools you want to transfer to. All of the UCs accept intercampus transfers, so you aren't limited to UCSC. Just get GEs and major requirements (for the schools you apply to, not UCRs) done, then get a great GPA.</p>

Hi fellow Highlander! Let me add a bit to what mms said.</p>

<p>Since you <em>transferred</em> into UCR, I'd assume you have a chunk of units from CCC or some other place already. This is your biggest enemy (worse than GPA, IMO). It's true that all UCs will consider other UC students, but it depends on how far you've gone. Basically, the sweet spot is 90-134 quarter units (60-89 semester). Once you hit 135 quarter units, you're a senior, and many UC campuses will automatically lock you out of admission. (note Addendum 1)</p>

<p>University</a> of California - Santa Cruz</p>

<p>As you can see from the link above, UCSC does not like transfers with sophomore or senior status. Other campuses may be more welcoming to senior transfers, so click on the others for info. But in general, to be in the same boat as other transfer students, you'll have to be careful to stay below 135 units.</p>

<p>If you can somehow can stay below 135 (possible, but unlikely for someone who already transferred once), take mms' advice and use your last units to finish UCR GE courses and take advantage of UC-UC reciprocity.</p>

<p>I haven't studied as much about CSU admissions, but it doesn't look like they have upper unit limits. I would advise you against leaving UCR for a CSU, but you're making this decision for locale reasons (I agree, Riverside sucks lol) rather than academic.</p>


<h2>Addendum 1 - Calculating number of units/UC standing</h2>

<p>For admission, UC adds up your units with the following rules:
- For CCC units, you are capped at 70 semester units. This ensures that CCC-only students can't reach senior standing before transfer. It also allows for former UC students to leave UC, go to CCC, and transfer to a different UC.
- Every unit earned at a UC, CSU or other 4-year school will count.
- Semester and quarter units are converted as 1 semester unit = 1.5 quarter unit</p>

<p>From the number of transferable units, you will then fall into one of these categories (quarter units in parentheses):
<60 (<90): Sophomore standing
60 to 89 (90 to 134): Junior standing</p>



<p>If the UC website I linked to above is unclear, just open a new UC application (your old account is still good), select your standing, and check if your campus and major are available (I just tried it, UCSD doesn't like me...sad)</p>


<p>I would really like someone to point out anything above that is incorrect, because I'm also exploring my get-out-of-Riverside options.</p>