Is there a cap on how much I can improve?

<p>So I just got my June results back and I have improved from my PSAT by 340 points.
I scored a 1940. Is there a cap on how much I can improve? My biggest struggle is CR and my strongest section is writing which I got a 710 in. I have already memorized DH (too bad it wasn't much use on June SAT). Is it possible for me to boost my score up to a 2000+, maybe 2100+, by October?</p>


<p>there is no limit.
with little to no practice i went from a
178 PSAT back in october.
1970 march SAT
2200 june sat</p>

<p>just casually look over a section or so a week.</p>

<p>There's really no limit as long as you study hard. I improved a good 300 points over my PSAT score on my actual SAT (1890 vs 2200). Just keep studying hard!</p>

<p>thanks for the encouragement :)</p>

<p>question, what does "10char" mean? i see it everywhere. and there isn't really a cap; it just depends on how much you prepare and how coachable you are.</p>

<p>It's to satisfy the 10 character limit for each post.</p>

<p>And there's no cap. You can easily keep making improvements, especially with constant review</p>