Is there a chance as a transfer?

First generation college student

<p>High School
GPA 3.9 weighted
Took the only 2 AP Classes offered
ACT 26 (horrible I know)</p>

<p>Currently Attending the University of Arkansas
First semester GPA 2.7
Second semester 3.6
Third semester (current)- 4.0 easily enough (18 credits)
End GPA about 3.4
My first semester was terrible but I’m hoping they see a positive trend</p>

<p>College EC’s
Freshman year-
Leadership Academy
Community Service Chair for residence hall
Conversation Club Mentor
Biology Club</p>

<p>Sophomore year-
Leadership academy
Conversation club mentor
Pre-law society
Dance Club</p>

<p>Work-I’m currently working about 25-30 hours a week
Volunteer 300+ hours</p>

<p>My first year I was pre-med and during the summer I got accepted into a 6-week rigorous summer medical education program. I don’t know if this will hurt me because I changed to political science and economics, which I’m completely in love with. Pre-law now. </p>

<p>I’m applying to transfer for the fall of '12 to:

<p>Let me know if I’m completely hopeless.</p>

<p>Hey I'm applying as a junior transfer as well, if you can look into my profile and chance back, it would be greatly appreciated! As far as your general chances, I think that the obvious upward trend is really good, but your overall GPA is still quite on the lower end of the spectrum, but remember GPA is just one part of your aggregate portfolio. </p>

<p>I have a 18-20 hour/week work-study, and I feel like that's the most time I could allocate towards work, so I feel for you working upwards of 25. (Although I don't know how admissions would look towards a part-time job) Also, I don't think affirmative action really plays as big of a role in transfer admissions than in freshmen admissions. I would say your best chance is at Vandy, Cornell, and Tufts. The rest are reaches. Try to retake your ACT if you can, and good luck!</p>