Is there a Christian College similar to LeTourneau University not so far away ?

We live in the southeast, and LeTourneau sounds like a great fit for my son, but I am wondering if there are any other options for computer science major? Love the concentration of nerd/geek types at LeTourneau, and the lack of emphasis on liberal arts is okay with us. Don’t really want (and son not thrilled with) a school that is over 10 hours away from home.

Most christian schools that have computer science don’t have the depth of courses that LeTourneau has, or the variety of areas to concentrate in. Computer Science Faculty and Course offerings (sometimes only every other fall) seem weaker at most of the colleges we have researched.

We are searching for either conservative, evangelical christian college that lives out its statement of faith, or may have to choose a suitable public university or techie type school. Or learn to love LeTourneau despite its location.

If you have attended LeTourneau, please give your opinion of their computer science dept.

Thanks in advance for advice and suggestions.

If you’re looking for a school in East Texas, I would give Dallas Baptist University a look. I know they have a Computer Science program and are a conservative, liberal arts university.

Southern Methodist University?
Texas Christian University?

Not looking for a TEXAS university. Looking closer to the East Coast. Southeast to me means NC, SC, GA, TN, FL, AL. LeTourneau seems like a great college, a unique place, just outside our family’s travel comfort zone. Now, if there isn’t another “LeTourneau” style university out there, located closer to us, then we’ll have to visit LeTourneau and see if it’s doable.

We like that LeTourneau is NOT a liberals arts college, but more techy/nerd oriented university.

How about:

And I know Collge of the Ozarks is in Missouri, but tuition there is free. A couple of these are liberal arts colleges, but so are a lot of Christian college in the South

Thanks for the suggestions. And Missouri is closer than Texas!

Okay, let me ask this another way…are there any LeTourneau students, parents of students, or alums that can share your experiences with me. Is LeTourneau really something special and unique? Is it worth being more than 10 hours away from home for a son who is a homebody? My son is interested in computer science, and possibly game development (but we want him to get a solid cs education since gaming is not easy to get into.)

I live in Tyler, Texas. Not far from there. If you have any questions about the area please message me.

People have different perceptions… For instance, Louisiana for me is hot, humid, and just too rural. But there are some good schools down that way. University of Louisiana-Monroe I think has historically been a school associated with computer science. Louisiana also obviously is a strong religious area, but as for a religious school, I have a hard time answering that for you.

There is a school that I think is close to you, or close-er, Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee. It’s a CoG-Cleveland affiliated school… They’re the sort that will speak in tongues at you but I hear it’s a nice college. But I understand not everyone understands that.

@Descartes1696 thanks for your reply. We researched and visited Lee U. with my older child and loved it. They changed their requirements for their free tuition scholarships, so you need to have a 32 ACT score. Plus, they increased the min. GPA requirement to be able to keep your scholarship. It’s something crazy like 3.6 or 3.7 gpa. Just not a realistic scholarship to shoot for. But we liked the campus, the friendliness of the people, etc.

Thanks for taking time to share. We still haven’t find a college closer to home that has the technical focus and strong academics and christian culture that LeTourneau has. So I suppose we will have to visit and see how great it really is and let my son decide if a 10 hour away college will work for him.