is there a deadline to claim ap credit?

<p>My advisor told me that it really doesn't matter when we claim it but someone else told me that we have to claim them on the 24th</p>

<p>no deadline. you can claim it today or 2 years from now</p>

<p>If you want the credit to count as a prerequisite for a class you're taking this semester, you should have claimed it a long time ago. Drops happen before classes start. But other than that, feel free to claim whenever.</p>

<p>Thank you. (:</p>

<p>Actually, in regards to what soadquake981 said, you don't need to claim a class as a pre-requisite before you take a class. According to the advisers, you can claim credit whenever you want. Be it now, or 10 years from now. As long as the advisers can see that you have the credit necessary to take the class and that you will be claiming credit later on, it doesn't matter when you claim the credit.</p>

<p>I'm not sure who told you that, but all of my advisors have required the prerequisite credit to be claimed and on my official transcript. This goes for the math department, chemistry department, and chemical engineering department. Advisors will make exceptions for special cases, though.</p>

<p>soadquake981: As I said above, my adviser said it's unnecessary to claim the credit, and the class I asked her about was in regards to a math class. I'm not sure what your adviser told you, but mine specifically told me that it was unnecessary to claim credit at this time.</p>

<p>Kaylune: I'd advise you to go with what you're adviser says since they would be most clear on the requirements.</p>